One Brain for Two….What?!!

One brain for two…what?
Ladies get in here, okay guys come along too, but anything you see here wouldn’t and shouldn’t be used against us in the court of friendship or relationship. So I was meditating in my room, and I remembered this incident that occurred while I was in school. There was a particular girl group who called themselves “GOT” meaning “GIRLS ON TOP” well, from what I learnt and observed, they all believed when it comes to matters of relationship most especially with men, they controlled things not the other way round. That’s acceptable right? I did my underground study about this group (don’t ask me how please), not because I didn’t have a job, but I was so curious about who makes the rules and what happens when the rules are broken.
There was this lady her name Sandy (not the real name) she was their leader, they had all the theories of how to run the world without needing a man in it, if there was any man that caught their interest, they would go running to Sandy and she of course would be glad to teach them how to be the man and this went on for so many years.
One fateful day, during one of our exam periods, as she was about entering into the hall for a general course, she saw someone and could not help but stare. He was tall, dark and handsome, the most handsome guy she had ever set her eyes on. She knew instantly that she had lost the game. The more she tried to let her eyes off him, the more they stayed glued, One thing led to the other and before one month, they began talking and became inseparable since then. The fondness grew and there was something about him that she couldn’t explain but she knew one thing, that he was different. Gradually without knowing it, she started avoiding the ‘GOT’ group and after so many questions from the girls, she had to confess to them that she was in love and was so sorry to disappoint them, of course they were very sad, angry and couldn’t believe what they were all hearing, the question was how could she? Yes! The super woman, master of all games had fallen in love and this time for real.
All the ladies hated themselves for the decisions she’s ever made for them, they had put the key of their lives in the hand of a fellow lady and they couldn’t get it back, they were all back to square one, they were still drowned in their own regret, when she announced to them she was getting married to kelvin, of course they could only grumble and nothing more. They were all present at the wedding, they couldn’t fathom why and how she could be this happy but yes, they wanted to feel that happiness too. The question is where would they start from?
Please get in here! I would like to say this first “what rocks my boat, might never ever rock yours”. You see, you have to be very careful about how your friends advice you, and how you totally take in to advice. Sincerely it’s simply normal for an inexperienced to advice an inexperienced friend in a dilemma, but it’s very abnormal when the inexperienced friend in dilemma doesn’t bother weighing on the advice before she acts on it. I am going to be a bit blunt with you here, so please you would take me as I am (you know that love song right?) lol. 
Everyone, both men and women are entitled to one brain each! Right from the beginning of creation, and it is meant to be used and not laid to rest. Ladies, please you really need to stop letting people mess with your mind giving you funny ideas, for how long do you want to keep blaming people for your own mistakes? You were just been advised after all, but you took it all in hook, line and sinker and you acted on it!  I am so tired of some ladies saying she told me to date him. She told me to …You do have every option and whatever you decide on all balls on you, not me, not him, not them but you!
Remember the bible says everyone would give account for themselves not for your friends, families or enemies. Babe you see, that your friend that keeps telling you to go against your parents so they know you’re a big girl now, or not to listen nor respect your husband, telling you every time you find a good guy that love is not for you, believe me, it is all lies she is definitely pushing you towards a duplex in hell and I pray you would think twice about that advice, you know why? Let me tell you what would happen when she finds someone who is worth respecting and giving up the ego and all for…’ hian!!’ She wouldn’t even think about you before she moves on and all you do after then is cry on the bed, in the shower and regret alone. You need to realize she is just making a fool out of you and your brain and you know what? That her brain isn’t meant for the two of you but hers alone, so you have to wake up and use yours!
You need to retrace your steps if you’ve made a mistake, or think twice if you’re about to make one and talk to someone who has wisdom. Above all, talk to God the great teacher and listener, because everything you become today weather good or bad carries your name, face and personality on it.
I am going to have to put down my pen here and like, they say a word is enough for …
Love you always.