Before you log out on 2015.

I looked back to see how far I have come, then I realized how long the road had been sincerely, I didn’t think I could make it. remembering the hours of waiting for doctors report, oh and the sleepless nights even when I took the most powerful sedative, thinking about how I had wish I’d just disappear into the thin air so the pain could go away. Dear lord, it’s been you! devil tried throwing all he could at me, but you shielded me and gave me a shock absorber.
He gave me love, he brought me joy, he raised me up, he crowned the year with a good story and in a blink of an eye, he turned everything around for my good. I could make “2015” a book title because my life this year has lots of   chapters, but he ended 2015 with happily ever after.

He has trained me to be tougher, wiser, better above all deeper in him. Trust me, if you thought you haven’t achieved all you wanted to this year, you need to sit back and recount your blessings because even in that awkward situation he blessed you. Sometimes we fail to notice how blessed we are, when we become too obsessed with self not to notice anything outside us. Everything you’ve been through this year isn’t an act of wickedness, God is never wicked and will never be. All he did was to train and prepare you. Did you know that?.

Go ahead into 2016 with a heart of gratitude, knowing for sure that someone up there has got your back, it doesn’t matter what your doctor has said, it doesn’t matter what your bank account is saying.


Go into 2016 empowered with a determination to make it better. Go into 2016 with a warriors heart,  never thinking of how you will fail before you even start.

Always remember ” to be ready, to be expectant, to be determined (RED) ”
The world awaits your manifestation, don’t let yourself down!.

Pls feel free to share your inspiring stories.
See you in 2016, looking forward to share my personal journey with you!.

Stay blessed.
With love,


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