What are you grateful for?


Hi everyone, how are you today? I am looking forward to a blessed week are you?. If I don’t say this I will practical burst… The response I get on each article is so beautiful, and am so glad am able to inspire people in this little way thank you so much for the love and support.

Today, I will be talking about a very sensitive topic, a thought I would like to share with you. You should all know by now “I can think for Africa” but it’s just fun and I love it.

It was a very powerful praise section in church, I should let you know, I am a crazy worshipper of God I am crazy about God I dance, and I mean dance with my all when it’s God. So as I was dancing, singing and shouting my head off, lost in the most high realm, I noticed a lady who seems to be unhappy about my way of praising God, she told a friend to let me know I was taking it too personal Choi!! Chineke !!! did you just say am taking praising God too personal? I sincerely felt like sending her back to Mars where she belongs, but am sure those in Mars well (if there are people) also praise God and she might not be okay with that too. wait, am sorry if I don’t subscribe to the “tush” and “classy” way of worship by raising up a finger to shout hallelujah. God has never been nonchalant about my case.

If I may ask, have you ever asked about how much a cylinder of oxygen cost in the hospital or how many of the cylinders you would need to take to survive 24 hours? Oh you didn’t have a reason to right? I guess so. When I remember how the little children of that sick woman I saw at the hospital kept praying for their mother to fart, then I know I am ungrateful. Think about it, if all God did for you was to make you sleep and wake up, then you should thank him every seconds.

Most times, we get so carried away by our problems and needs that we forget to thank him for the problems he solved for us even when we didn’t know about their existence. Some people even get so cautious of their cloths and shoes in other not to get it wet or dirty by dancing who are you kidding? What is the designer you wear when the creator of the body soul decides to take it all? Haven’t you read about king David, how he forgot about the people and the royal garments when he started praising and dancing.

You want to compose yourself so that guy or lady you’re admiring or admires you don’t start laughing at you while you dance to glorify God?! The people that would possibly leave you when trials and tribulation comes and there’s no one but God to turn to! So how do you expect someone you do not acknowledge to help you?. You need TO repent and start praising God like never before, because in praising God there is victory, blessings, deliverance uncountable benefits. I don’t know how nice I can say this, but “WHEN YOU DO NOT PRAISE GOD, YOU END UP NOT BEEN RAISED UP”.

Maybe the reason that problem isn’t solved is because you have never praised him for the ones he solved for you. The reason why you keep getting frustrated at anything you do, is because you never said thank you for giving me. So I would say this, get down on your kneels, tell God how sorry you are, and start living a life of praise. Trust me he will definitely change your story for good.

Remember to praise him all through this week and see doors open up for you.

Hugs and kisses


Me, My resolution, and I

Hi, happy new year to MLT readers for been there all the way. Thanks for always creating time to read all I have to say here, you’re the best! Happy 2016, it’s our year of “Glory to Glory “.
I have always heard people talk about having a new year resolution and sincerely it’s a really good thing. But wait, does that mean a person without a new year resolution isn’t in the new year yet? Okay, will leave you to answer that. Seriously, I believe in planning your year ahead. it really is very helpful, it keeps you focused. My sincere question to you is, how successful have you been with your resolution?


I would like to say everyone should always work towards a better last year. for some people, new year resolution means to loose weight and eat healthy, for some it is to save more and spend little. However, whatever your new year resolution is, you need a lot more than writing it in a sheet of paper or memorizing it in your head. You need courage, determination, discipline and most importantly God to make all your goals accomplished. I do have couple of goals or targets for the year, but sincerely I have realized within this few days of the year, that it’s more than just saying it. You have to begin to take action, take control of whatever it is and don’t turn your resolution into procrastination. some people would try to do one or two things on their resolution list for few weeks then give up.

Well, I want you to know you can’t keep giving up every time ooo. There is no such thing as small resolution. the fact is, it is so important that it gained your attention and you had to give it a number on your resolution list. Why don’t you let’s try it this way, maybe all this years you haven’t succeeded with your resolution, you thought it was a one man job. you thought you could attain and achieve those goals alone. Guess what? It’s time you realized no matter how little that resolution is, it’s that big that you can’t take hold of it!. Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you should start now. So, my advice is
1). Give the wheel to God and let him drive this year for you.
Well its just that one, it’s that simple.

Give the wheel of that resolution car, ship, boat, airplane, jet or however big it is to God, let him be in charge of it. Stop making it me, my resolution and I, start your year with God and see him direct your part. He will definitely teach you the way you should go and see 2016 take a glorious shift for you.
Well I have to stop right here oo, I have to go make dinner for Bae.
Talk to you soon, Pls don’t forget to share your 2016 resolution experience at the comment section.