My thoughts for someone out there.


At 12am in the morning, my eyes still wide open. Millions of thoughts in my head, where do I begin? This article is for someone out there, who thinks they do not have any reason to celebrate love, life and all the beautiful things in it. My thoughts to you is, DO NOT GIVE UP!!

Have you ever wondered why some of these things are happening to you and not anyone else? well let me tell you this, if it was going to be more than you, it wouldn’t have come your way. I do believe every life event is a training ground, another opportunity for you to rise above where you were before, All you need to do is make up your mind to stand up and come out of that situation, tell yourself you can come out as a winner with God’s own strength and there you go. There is a strength that is deposited inside of you that cannot be owned by someone else, It doesn’t matter how long you’ve allowed yourself to be swallowed by the situation you can still come out of it. live every moment with total faith in your heart that you’re a conqueror.

I want you to know there is always a reason to smile and be happy. The fact that God made you in his own very special image, it’s a joy on its own. Do not allow any circumstance to weigh you down. Do not give room to the devil. Get up and Get going. You need to stay strong for you!.

Hugs and kisses.


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