Attitude is everything.


Hi everyone, how are we?…
Today, am going to be talking about something very sensitive and most importantly something directed at beautiful women out there. I will start with this question, has anyone ever come across some people and all you wish was to have them around you everyday because they are twice as good? Or on the other hand, you wish you never had anything to do with them again not even at the gate of heaven?. It pains me to know a lot of women in our generation do not subscribe to the “school of good attitude “. Yes! Women.. Ehn ehn don’t roll your eyes at me right now.

According to dictionary meaning of attitude,  “it is the manner, feeling or disposition you have in regards to a person or thing“. Our generation therefore has made good attitude seem like hardworking. The new phase now is “you have to be mean, to be known” which is quite sad though.

Woman, am not going to list all the good and bad attitude of this life down here, but I will definitely tell you that when you are known to be rude, proud, mean, dirty, nonchalant, unserious and much more you do need to go on a lunch break with you attitude. All am saying is check your attitude!. Don’t get me wrong, both men and women are not excused from bad attitude, but in the week of women’s day, my focus today is on women because I am a woman.

Woman! There is no excuse for your bad attitude, and do not say because someone treated you bad, everyone at a point in their life was treated badly, but some people did not sell their good soul to the devil for it. There is nothing sexy and classy about a bad attitude! “Yes I said so” if you find it difficult making people comfortable around you, getting people to listen or talk to you, or even getting people to help you. You need to check your self like I said earlier something is not right, it could be you or people around you but something isn’t right.

Maybe you know your attitude is bad and you really hope to do something about it, then you need to ask people this time I mean your close friend or families who do not mind telling it as it is. Ask them to help you by telling you some of the things you’re doing wrong and start working on your self, be willing to listen to what they have to say without been offended Gradually and you will get there.

I would also advice strongly you read the book of proverbs 31, Esther and Ruth. Those are women who made it through with good attitude and I believe strongly you can do it too.

“People might not remember your face after a while, but they will always remember their experience with you. “

Kisses and hugs


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