Hello there.. 

​Sorry for the long break dear friends, have been away making sure I had a  sound body and mind

. I hope everyone is good? thanks for your calls and mails I really do appreciate. I am back now and better. 

Two days ago while I was drown in my sleep, suddenly my phone rang and I struggled between picking or ignoring, well, since it was a business line, I had to pick. after five minutes of talking to my client, the phase “sold out” a phase I often use for business popped up in my head. I went still for a while, trying to know why the word “sold out”  kept coming up, then it dawned on me, and I asked myself, What are you sold out to?.  
I realized the word “sold out” carries more weight than I thought, that question sounds quite easy to answer. yet, you need to do some soul searching before you answer. So I ask again, what are you sold out to? 
Let me tell you a little about been sold out. to be sold out, means to be totally committed, to give all, to be devoted to a cause. 

 It’s sad to know the world we live in right now, is a world where there are excuses for doing evil, wrong. No one really cares about what others feel as long as it’s going to benefit them, it saddens my heart when I see people who really can’t be their brother’s keeper. No one really wants to see their fellow human become more successful. 

We need to always remember that there is a legacy to leave behind after we are gone, but this legacy would only be determined by what we were sold out to while we were here. So, in other to be sure of what to do right, you need to ask yourself what are you sold out to? Are you sold out to evil or good, are you sold out to jealousy or envy, is it by any means money, fame or power ? Are you sold out to God or to the devil? When you search your soul and find out what it is you’re sold out to, then that becomes a driving force for you to live a life worthy of testimonies. 
So I would ask you again, what are you sold out to? 
I am sold out to God, I am sold out to good deeds!!.