Call a friend

Call a FRIEND!!!!

The dictionary defines a friend as someone who one knows ,likes and trust .Another definition of a friend is someone who gives assistant ,patron and support . Now I have a question for us ,do we or anyone we know fit very well into that definition of friend ? If yes well that’s good ,but if no I would like us to ask ourselves why?

It takes love,trust,patience,respect and great understanding to be a friend, if we or the people we call our friends don’t have all this then there’s need for a check. Many of us are so taken away by acquaintance,and we didn’t notice when the real friends walked out of our lives .

Yes , many of us has been betrayed by people who we call our friends, oh I have been there believe me, for some, they were able to forgive and forget and go back to rebuild that trust *thats not easy tho* but for some well ….they forgave but couldn’t continue with that friendship. I sincerely don’t blame anyone who did that ,some things are just best left the way they are!!

for those of us who have friends or are someone’s friend, let’s make the best we can make out of it .if you want to be a friend be a loyal one …..there’s this adage that says “20children cannot play for 20 years” that is very correct , The moment you have with each other, make it a memorable one ,don’t be a friend that people would never wish for .

Friendship goes a long way ,It can either make us or break us, for people that friendship as made continue to be the loyal You ….but for people who has been betrayed by friends .well don’t just give up on having another one . there are still some Friend in need. Friend indeed out there that needs you ,Go out there and meet people just make sure you follow your instinct this time around, don’t go into friendship blindly and for the wrong reason ….make friends who your goals are similar and who when either of you make progress they won’t become envious of you,make friend with people that can have your back anytime and won’t leave when the storm hits .

Shout out!!!! to all good friends out there ,who has been there one way or the other for their friends. Its good to mean a Friend WHEN WE CALL A FRIEND . Friends define WHO WE ARE

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A Grateful heart!!!!

A grateful Heart!!!!

One day I went to visit someone in an office ,and the janitor was called to get something,The janitor got it and the boss just said. Well you can go and that was all , and in my mind I thought “wow just like that with all the stress not even a “thank you ” , I thought of how the janitor must have felt leaving the office ,how he would have lost his self esteem been a man ,how he would feel probably because he is a servant so he is not entitled to a little thank you.

Majority of the people who don’t have much money find it difficult to like the rich people ,why? because most of them believe the rich people are so proud , they feel they can get anything at anytime from anyone, without having to say thank you.

Most of us ,because of our Pride and Ego(hmmm a series on myloudthought coming up soon*winks*) we forget to say thank you ,to people who once helped us ,or to people who work for us , we sometimes believe well “it is my right so why do I have to say thank you ? or she is just a maid its her job after all . Many of us think we deserve whatever we have ,so no “thank you” should follow ,we’ve all forgotten that showing the act of gratitude goes a long way .

Many of us hardly even say thank you to people who try to show us love ,we sometimes get carried away and think well I didn’t ask for the love ,In a rush many of us forget to say “thank you” to the simplest courtesy that we receive .

Many of us are so busy with plans for the day ,that we forget to say thank you to God .The giver of the life that can plan for the day . Yoruba nipe “ti omode ba dupe ore ana ari omiran gba “.

Let’s cultivate the habit of saying “thank you” either to our friends,spouse,co workers,maid or helpers .Even when you feel what they did isn’t worth it .

Those two letter words go a very long way ,try the “THANK YOU” theory this week .You will be surprised what the power of “thank you” can do .

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What we call Love

Some thought for lunch !!!!!!

Hmmmm ……..sometimes I just think of lots and lots of things and I put it into writing am not a story teller neither a writer, am never good at both but I just love doing this, ok so let’s go to the main thing …….

sometimes when I talk about love and life people ask me questions like some guys must have broken your heart? some even ask me why I love to talk about love so much? but isn’t that one of the most important or most important thing in life Either its the wrong or right way? no matter how tough on the outside we seem to be we all desire to be loved ….but one way or the other some love has gone so bad. ….

Lots of relationship we know don’t even have a very good ending some started so good and ended so bad, sometimes it starts so bad and ends so good ,at times we even know we are loving the wrong person or we are loving at the wrong time but our desire just won’t let us stop ……then we ask ourselves every time, why this love story stories don’t have happy ending ?….

Maybe its time we all know the meaning or definition of this love before we start falling into it, someone once told me his own love has calculation but seriously if u will fall victim of love you will nobody is smarter than love …….its time we get back to the basics of love …….what is love …..some will say love is when you find someone that makes you happy ,some says love doesn’t exist ,but seriously maybe we’ve all been looking in wrong places for the real meaning of love ……let’s look this way …….

Love is kind ,love is patience ,love doesn’t keep records of wrong, 1corinthians 13:4-10 …..hold on a minute am not trying to preach am not worthy of that but when we know this basics of love then our love story starts on a different note maybe some of us needs to start with ourselves …..let us love our self, be patience with our self ,forgive our self for the wrong steps we have taken or wrong people we have allowed in our lives or even the wrong decisions we have made then things would change for our Good ……..then we can start to love one another successfully as God loves us ……. our love story is about to get better. And we can mean I LOVE YOU. When we say I LOVE YOU without looking back …..1love let’s us share

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Our Opinion matters

Our Opinion matters!!!

Hmmm, how well can I appreciate everyone,for everything since I started my loud thought ,the encouragement I get everyday,the advice,the criticism,the prayer and the approval .

Everyone’s comment is so important to my loud thought,even the shortest one , My pastor sent me a message that the forgiveness series of my loud thought was thought provoking,and some said it mended a lifetime relationship.

The wisdom,knowledge and understanding all belongs to God ,I will keep writing as long as you keep reading .Thanks so much for your love
I remain my humble Me

So for today …..>.This message was sent to me and its a question I would love everyone to answer .
Thanks for my loud thought it has really helped me since you started. Pls help me , I am a 30years old lady who should be married ,but each time I bring a man home to introduce to my father ,My father tells me he doesn’t like their state of origin,so I can’t marry them . .
This is the 6th time and 6th Man my dad will reject ,I don’t want to disobey my father what should I do ? I am confused .

Dear friends let’s help this lady ,the little advice we give can go a long way. You can leave your comment,send a message either on facebook or twitter

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Our Past

Thinking Our Past

So I sat down in this seminar that my mum took me to and yea I know I was meant to be listening yea I know *rolling eyes* but seriously then I thought about this thing called OUR PAST ……my thought again yea … know some people act so much l call them holy act thou ,
They act like they don’t have a past, while some are victims of the past ,some. Also made a mistake in the past that keeps getting back at them or some of us our past has really helped us …..some people learn from their past and they move on in life while some cause of their past. They remain stagnant ,they are so buried in their past they can’t even see the future …… But guess what we don’t have to hold on to our past, You know when you hold on so much to the past and you decide not to let go you stop making progress…..

Hmmm lots of things we love to do but when we remember the encounter we’ve had or someone we know had. In the past.. then we stop the journey of progress ….some of us so much wish we could turn back the hands of time and right what was wrong …..but seriously what has happened has and we can’t change it….. have we ever thought there was a lesson meant for us to learn from that past for us to right it in our future ….however am not talking about in our business alone but in our Relationships,Academics,Finances , let’s get personal a bit here ….okay

Once upon a time I Was on a particular road in my life and it got to a point I needed to cross that road but when ever its time to cross I remember that no one has ever done it around me before so I stop, but guess what one day I told my self you’re dwelling on the past girl , why don’t you make up your mind to stay well in that present and cross to the future ,then make your own past different ……and so I did and it ended up been a success ….am not saying its easy nope its not but why don’t we try ….there’s actually no harm in trying.
Let’s let go of our past ,don’t let it. define who you are and let’s see how it turns out, lets commit it all to God and tell him to take the pain of the past away and take charge of the future …….

The story is about to get better everyone ….make your past the best for people coming behind you and walk majestically into the future

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Just for the day
A long time ago I carried this pain in my heart and I made up my mind never to forgive that someone that hurt me so much, I reminded my self everyday, that I was never ever going to forgive …..then something happened and I asked myself does this person even know I was hurt and if I forgive this person then what would I lose?
There and then I realized I gained instead of losing after forgiving …….You know there’s this feeling we all have when we don’t forgive someone ,…..When we see that person we don’t want to forgive there’s this fast beat we can’t dance to from our heart ,sometimes it comes with a sharp headache, sometimes it even comes with nausea feeling or sudden blood rush in our vein…
We all carry the resentment ,the hatred ,the pain all about, not knowing its doing more harm than good. to us ……Yes everyone has been hurt one way or the other, some even greater than the other ,some forgettable and some are not ……some of us can never forgive our parents for something they said to us ,some our friends for their betrayal ,some we’ve been hurt by people who made us promise but never fulfilled it ,some its even our lovers that hurt us so badly, while for some its themselves they can never forgive …….
Hmmm Why don’t we just try to let go of those hurt ,those pain …anyone might have caused us ,drop that burden and let’s give chance to forgiveness in our lives. Don’t get me wrong am not saying its easy to forgive, No!!! sincerely its not and the hardest part is forgetting ……
Forgiveness we should know its a process it takes time ….don’t rush it ….research shows that people who forgive are happier and healthier than people who show resentment .Ann lander said and I coat *that hate/forgiveness is like an acid it damages the vessel when stored in it and destroys the vessel when poured * like I always say am not a preacher but let’s try and see what happens when we all start to forgive all those who have wronged us.
This might be difficult to do but ,It takes God and his grace like I said its a process ……See one of the most difficult things in live is to respond to evil with kindness and forgive the unforgiveable ,but like I said we have to take one step at a time towards it. when we do this, life becomes so easy to live. ,smile becomes. so easy to give. and we become. so happy

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